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TMJ & Sleep Apnea

Welcome to the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Devon based at Plymouth Dental Centre of Excellence.

Our expertise is the evaluation and treatment of TMJ Disorders, Craniofacial Pain and Headaches as they interact with Sleep Disordered Breathing and Sleep Apnoea.

Our approach involves a multi-disciplinary team evaluation for accurate diagnosis using state-of-art technologies and our treatments are grounded in scientific evidence-based knowledge.

There is substantial scientific literature documenting the co-existence of TMJ disorders, craniofacial pain and headaches with Sleep Disordered Breathing and Sleep Apnoea.

The overlap and the interface between sleep disorders, TMJ disorders and Craniofacial Pain is now well established. We are now able to provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment programme for patients with TMJ Disorders and Craniofacial Pain and provide these patients effective, non-invasive therapies.

Whether you are a patient with headaches and facial pain symptoms that have advanced to chronic pain status, or you or your spouse has OSA and us unable to tolerate, or it is your child or grandchild who is experiencing sleep terrors, or difficulty concentrating in school … we can help!

We are dedicated exclusively to the treatments of sleep breathing disorders, craniofacial pain, headache pain, and other related symptoms.

Our approach is a comprehensive evaluation for diagnosing and providing research based non-invasive treatment therapies. Our commitment to our patients is a caring and friendly environment where their optimum health is our priority.

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