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Glass Fibre Reinforced Bridges

Your teeth are valuable magda NEW

Magdalena has special interest in everStick glass fibre reinforced restorations.  The technology has been developed in Finland, where Stick Tech Ltd was founded in 1997 and a glass fibre reinforcement technology was developed by Professor Pekka Vallittu, who directs a research group focusing on fibre reinforced biomaterials at the University of Turku Institute of Dentistry.

Magdalena has been using glass fibres in her everyday practice since 2010.

Thanks to everStick glass fibre reinforced restorations your healthy tooth tissue is saved as much as possible, treatment can be provided on one visit, fibre reinforcements are as strong as metal, are aesthetically pleasing and feel natural (we are using your own teeth after all) and are suitable for anyone allergic to metals as Stick Techs fibres are metal free.

Less irreversible actions are performed on the teeth, so that other treatment options remain available.

Missing or loose teeth are a common problem for patients.  Special fibre technology allows Magdalena to save as much healthy tooth tissue as possible, as the fibre reinforcements can often be glued to the surface of the tooth without drilling.  The result is very natural. 

It is a perfect treatment for patients with gum disease.

If you suffer from gum disease, your moving teeth are very difficult to look after which compromises their wellbeing furthermore.  The good news is that they may not need to be removed or replaced with false teeth. Loose teeth can often be stabilized by splinting the teeth together with fibre reinforcement.  If you have already lost your tooth but still have it, it can be used in the restoration.

Prices start from £1500. For more information about Glass Fibre Bridges and to know whether you are suitable, please book a consultation today by calling our reception team on 01752 364717 and book in for a £80 consultation with Magdalana.

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